America's Test Kitchen

From July to December of 2017, I worked full-time at America's Test Kitchen, as an intern for their Digital Design Team. In addition to designing for ATK, I also designed for their two other brands - Cook's Illustrated, and Cook's Country. I designed recipe cards, web ads, social media posts, window treatments for our updated office space, infographics, branded a collaborative sweepstakes, and more. Below you can find a selection of my work!



America's Test Kitchen has an ongoing partnership with the Holland America cruise line - staffing their ships with chefs for on-board cooking classes. To accompany these classes, each participant recieves a recipe card which they can use to follow along while cooking, and take home with them if they choose to make the dish again when they return home. They also recieve handouts with helpful tips correlating to the recipies.  created a series of updated recipe cards and tip handouts to be distributed out to folks in these classes.



One of my primary tasks was updating the Cook's Illustrated homepage five days a week (Monday - Friday), for the duration of my time at the company. This "daily digest" included a curated selection of articles from the Cook's Illustrated archive, which I selected and created images for, and updated within the CMS. This work was done in collaboration with the editorial team. After my departure at the company, Cook's Illustrated underwent a redesign so this is structure is no longer active on the site. 



Midway through my time at ATK, I was tasked with creating an identity system for their "Ultimate Holiday Entertaining Sweepstakes" - a collaboration between ATK and five other companies. I worked with our partnership coordinator to design a brand system, the landing page for the site (built with Woobox) and a wide range of social media posts to be distributed to each of the partnering companies.